Friday, January 27, 2006


Just when I was afraid of the unimaginable, one night changed it all :) All we had to do was to be simple and original. Simplicity and originality, I guess a lantern for the road ahead.

Though we ain't what we started with, but kind of matured now, it's been over a year and we have understood and accepted the internal conflicts of taste (I hope) The time spent isn't awkward anymore. It feels nice to suggest simple things, and watch them work out. Also feels nice to build up and improvise upon your own suggestions presenting them as a confluence of ideas.

It is way better to actually translate the mood into the music we play. The heavenly dreams of a drunken madman hidden in three strings and four fingers, The dizziness, the vomitting, the disgust all coming together just because one of them went on a higher octave :)

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