Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blog entry

I thought of writing about my mid-sem study Vs fiction reading dilemma, but then thought that it would be boring. Boring for me because I already know it, for others, I don't find any apparent reason why people would be interested in knowing my confusions over such trifles.

non-arbit non poetic blogs, generally I find boring. Even this entry seems boring to me. So either I am fastidious or this is universally true. Since this is boring will stop :)

I want to write something about something very badly, long essays, filled with extravagant words, profound thoughts. Have been listening to the blues for a while, want to write about that. Have been reading for masochistic pleasure, have to write about that, have to write about the drunken experience, new friends, seperately, pairwise, and in totality.

What hinders is the the thought that everything I think about is too precious to be shared, or to childish to be exposed or too complex to be formulated, or I am too lazy to do all that and at the same time, very good at rationalization.

Whatever it is, before this entry goes on for pages, I choose to stop.


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