Monday, June 19, 2006


I was staring at the window, which acted like a faint mirror, all I could see was Me. I was looking from the perimeter to the center, and the center had Me. It was either Me or I. Most of My thoughts are concerned about Myself, am I only this feeble worth?

The two most important values in My life are equality and humility, and suddenly I couldn't find a basis for them other than I and Me. If I am to be restricted within Me. Selfish is what I want, selfless is what I don't want. I now see the highest of virtues are defined only to please the I. And thus in a revolving contradiction, I cannot find a reason for sustaining My identity. It's all confusing and depressing that I will be limited within Myself for the rest of My life.


.:Infektia:. said...


To be confined, restricted and limited to urself is something we all despair...sometimes, isn't it?

But we also despair to die...but that's when we are set free and we are liberalised of our self.

However, u r what u believe u r>>


Varish said...

Nice Blog ....U seem to be blogging like a professional & not as a IIT student ( ur in IIT right ???)