Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chopin and Beethoven

They say Chopin was an ecentric man. He couldn't manage with a whole orchestra. He would stay alone somewhere in the countryside. As a result, he has very few symphonies. All his work is majorly solo pieces on the piano. And thus he is one of the best piano composer ever.

Beethoven on the other side, was the first man to use music for money, since he was very poor, he couldn't hire a well trained orchestra and thus wasn't very famous in his times. Later on he loss hearing. Still managed to produce one of the most amazing pieces in the history of music.

Listen to Symphony #5, Moonlight sonata and Fur Elise to know Beethoven, and anything by Chopin. Though Chopin is the best, Beethoven comes as close as sharing the position with just those 3 pieces.


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