Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Over the mountains and far below

"Take these flowers, please climb up the mountain. The more high you reach, more closer you are to my heart."

She climbed up the rocks, though it was difficult for her, Roger (that is I) persuaded her with dilligence, offering her more and more each time. Through sacrifices, thefts and every other possible means.

"You should climb up, you can have a very beautiful view of the world from there, but don't climb up because he bribes you", said Ed. He was always composed, balanced and rational. He knew that Roger's ways will corrupt her mind.

Roger was frustrated, she seemed more close to Ed than him, He exclaimed, "Here, have these flowers, more flowers, have my blood, have my heart, but darling, climb up, go there, and be the queen of the world and thus of my heart"

Meanwhile, she was tired, but Roger's shriek voice was irritating, just to avoid any more of his obsequity she climbed up. She looked down, indeed the view was promising and would had improved if she climbed more. With Ed's advices and Roger's flowers she gathered enthusiasm to go up.

Ed was really satisfied to see that she was happy. Roger at the same time was satisfied because her happiness made him happy. Ed encouraged her, as a friend. She listened to him. She went up, up. To the top of the mountain. She looked down, she could see bother Roger and Ed, Roger she thought and was greedy. She cried, "I can see you Ed. It is really nice here, do come up!!". Roger was highly disappointed, he threw all the flowers away, mad in anger and sorrow, he was stand still at where he was.

Both of them were very close to the top, Ed returned to Roger after some time. His mind was changed, he no longer longed her presence. She was disappointed at the top. "Cummon up Ed, look here, it's amazing!", she cried. But Ed wouldn't hear that. He continued being with Roger.

She looked down, though it was difficult coming up she had managed with all that encouragemen, and now it was difficult climbing down. She wanted to be with Ed and Roger, but they seemed far away. Determined, she started taking her first steps down, and on the very first step, she failed, falling into the infinite abyss. The abuss was very well known for its depth, it was deeper than any other one of its kind, deeper than the all the materialistic and moral abysses.

She cried for help, she cursed, she used the most obnoxious of the phrases. It seemed that in falling physically, she had managed the downfall of her soul as well. But nobody helped her, nobody cared of her words. Roger and Ed were pretty busy catching up with each other, though they both saw her fall down, they didn't help. And then she was invisible, even her cries were not audible now. And she was down, down.. more down than they ever imagined.

Ed was sad, he really cared, but he didn't want to say anything. He kept mum.

"What did you expect from her, she was like this only", Roger said. "Umm.. I don't know, but maybe", Ed replied. "Don't be so unsure now, now she's gone, you can be more critical of her, I never liked her in the first place, how could she fall, she was just crazy you know, after all those efforts from you and all of my flowers and blood, she disappointed us man!".

It was easier to blame her than his own mistakes for Ed, since now she was gone there was no proof that Roger and to some extent he was responsible for her fall. Confused in the sea of lamenting emotions Ed confronted, "Perhaps you are true". "Yes, I am", said Roger proudly and they both started enjoying the view from the top, with the abyss on the left and heaven on the right.


priyanka said...

write a book of short stories.

Does this story ahve anything to do with ur life.. am wondering..

Roger Waters said...

no connections, or better no comments :)

Pranav said...


Pritam said...

what a stupid story :P people whom this is based on must be very stupid, or ghati ;)

Onkar:D said...

good one..

and someone please tell me how to write a new blog.. :-S last time I tried I wrote just three words and then forgot my login name..

.:Infektia:. said...

wonderful stuff... and i agree with priyanka write a book....i can guarantee u popularity!