Thursday, October 26, 2006

For Pritam and the rest

There are people who claim they prefer not to know anything technical about the music they hear, that to intellecualize the listening experience destroyes their enjoyment of music. Yet most sports fan would hardly suggest that the best way to enjoy football is to avoid learning the rules of the game. A heightened awareness of musical processes and styles brings listener closer to the sounds and allows them to hear and comprehend more.

Excerpts from The Enjoyment of Music


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

by the way the previous comment was ME

Roger Waters said...


Pritam said...

You misinterpreted the healer's words (or whatever it was that I said :P).. I don't need to know the technical details to enjoy the music, so I don't take the effort to find them out!!

But either way, you're right :) And I was wrong :P I'm learning about drumming from that idiot's guide and it makes everything I hear so much more fundoo!

Roger Waters said...

I found this book in a clearance sell at the library. Amazing hai. It has the thoery, history and lifes of the composers as well.