Thursday, December 07, 2006

And this is how it all started

Though this is a lot more cliched than I ever imagined it to be. I am going to write their story (By their, I mean his and her) (gosh! even the suckiest of the Hindi movies start like this. Ref: Hum-tum). It is difficult writing a story, generally I lose track of the plot and the control over the characters as it proceeds. Hence it becomes easier if I base it on something real or something I have already read. But basing a story on an already written story doesn't increase the dimensions of the creativity space, I will merely end up linearly combining things and end up with nothing new. (It's like constructing new equations from what I already know is true by simply adding and multiplying them. Umm, wait, isn't it exactly like that?) It is also like writing a new James bond movie after a bunch of them have already been released (Not that new Bond movies should not be made, just that I don't want to make one). And hence I shall choose the real thing to base my story upon, or perhaps the fictional one.

So this is about him and her meeting each other and getting married (I didn't say falling in love) and having kids. They are yet to die, so they won't die in the story either. I am still undecided who will be the scapegoats of this, real people or fictional characters. Fictional characters usually won't mind me twisting them and their persona, real ones would break off their relationship with me, both (him and her) of them perhaps. At the same time, people have so much to offer in terms of hidden characteristics. Their personalities promise me infinitely more than any of the round characters I have ever met in a story. (Every beating heart in the hundreds and thousads of breasts their is, in some of its imaginings, a secret to the heart nearest to it! : from Dickens, which I couldn't read much because of my inadequacies in comprehending complex sentence constructions)

With this, I can begin the story.

To start with her, she was very self centered. She always thought people were trying to undermine her. By the time she was 80, she was sure that her husband was trying to kill her, though she also (sometimes) knew that her husband was already dead. She was the kind of person similar to Major Major Major Major, with those 4 degrees of mediocracies sticking up her butt.

He, at the same time (actually at a different time, he was 16 years older to her) was brilliant and a wannabe libertine who could never achieve that status. He ended up working in a commercial bank (though they paid a lot, they never cared).

Since both of them are yet alive and I mistakenly mentioned his death indirectly, you shouldn't think that this will cover up their entire lives. This might just be about the moment they loved each other for a moment, or their fight(s) or something more or less significant than this. But this is how I can begin.

(BTW, this is not how it ALL started, as I wrote earlier, this can be very insignificant compared to it ALL, or very significant as well)

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