Monday, March 05, 2007

Romantic legends

After the partial loss in hearing, Beethoven was thrown into the abyss of depression. Seldom were the times when he didn't think of committing suicide. But he continued writing the most charming music that man has ever known. Not just that the melodies were heavenly and aesthetic masterpieces, they had no trace of melancholy and at the same time defied the classical conventions of the techniques of contemporary music.

One of such many beauties he wrote is the 9th symphony for the choral. It is completely beyond a common man's comprehension how he could come up with something so elegant, vibrant and superb when he was completely deaf, known to be his last complete symphony, it was received by the Viennese crowd who were highly under the influence of Italian masters such as Rossini in the most jubilant and moving response.

In the middle of the performance, one of the witnesses says that the public started clapping with a standing ovation which was not visible (neither audible) to Beethoven since he was conducting facing the orchestra. After a while, with the turbulent and tense emotions of the pieces to follow, some of the audience couldn't resist and started crying with exhilarated emotions. Looking at the crowd's response even the orchestra found it difficult to continue and the Kappelmeister of the theatre forcefully turned Beethoven towards the crowd only to see them crying, throwing their hats in the air, applauding, laughing with joy and every other possible emotion.

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Karthik Shekhar said...

aah..I am there right now. I have just thrown my hat in salutation. The lady beside me is crying in exhilaration!

Its Moonlight Sonata and the 5th symphony back to back right now :)