Monday, January 07, 2008

On the New year's eve, a couple of women were molested by a mob of 40 people outside the JW Marriot hotel in Bombay. This was very widely reported on all sorts of media in India, raising questions about safety of women in Bombay and in India in general.

I was watching a tv show today where the reporter was asking a group of junior college students (boys and girls, men and women) about the molestation cases in Bombay. The general opinion of the men/boys was that if women wander on the streets in tight and provocative clothes, it's understandable that they get molested. Amusingly,when the reporter asked the girls/women about this and they showed exactly the same sentiment, that the girls in Bombay are high-class and should observe some Maryada and the freedom given to the girls by the parents should be regularly checked. It was also well understood amongst the boys/girls/men/women that the limitations imposed by family and society for girls and boys should be inherently different; a fact which was easily attributed to our great culture.

Best wishes to all the females in India who possess these self destructive tendencies and inferiority complex or ignorance towards their fellow comrades who possess these views.

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toit toit!