Thursday, June 26, 2008

Christ fail

Richard Dawkins was once on the O'Reilly factor, while narrating the history of science in successfully explaining the world around us, the following happened:
Richard Dawkins: We are in the beginning of 21st century, we don't know everything, we have to be humble, we have to, in humility say...

Bill OReilly:(Cutting Dawkins) You know being humble is a christian virtue

In short, O'Reilly stopped Dawkins in the middle of the sentence (not so humble) to stress that humbleness is a christian virtue.

Firstly, humbleness is NOT an exclusively christian virtue. It is a christian virtue in the same sense as breathing is an American activity. Humbleness is part of ALL cultures across the world in some form of another. The places which were lucky enough to develop the framework of philosophy around human behavior (Bible is NOT a book of philosophy) had formalized and glorified humbleness as a virtue independent of the Christians. The Chinese and the Jains/Buddhist to list a few.

Apparently being ignorant to facts and and staunch proud stupidity is humbleness. This kind of ironic behavior is similar to our dear Cat Stevens who says Islam is a religion of peace and then also has the opinion that death would be too small a punishment for Rushdie.

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Rajeev said...

So you have started reading religion!! Wow