Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Farmer's market

I took my mother who's visiting me for two months to the farmer's market this saturday.

One of the stalls had parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme for sale, in that order :-)


Rajeev said...

Simon and Garfunkel

I think farmers market was an awesome idea!!

Roger Waters said...

Well, it's more or less like Shivaji Market or Dadar west at 4 in the morning. Though the vegetables in India are much superior to the ones found here!

Rajeev said...

I used to visit the farmer's market in Raleigh..
The goods over there for sale were right from the fields across the interstate.
And dirt cheap..But we get something what we would call in India the "GAVTHI" variety..
Though it was much bigger and the ice cream was awesome :P

Anonymous said...

I almost got a rosemary and a basil plant today, in that order, from the horticultural garden. I underestimated the impact of smell, I had expected that I would be most drawn by the colorful flowers.


Roger Waters said...

Ah.. I have a basil plant at home. It doesn't grow :-(