Thursday, March 23, 2006

Conversation with god

force.god: Hello subject
thou shall await my in­struc­tions and follow them for it is my will
me: [smile]
I wait for thee
o great creator of being
grant me one more hour
force.god: donot copy songs of Jim Morrison for it is blasphemy
me: I repeat
and even the songs of the pone
are copied
from the great western clas­sic­als
force.god: I gave all of them in­spir­a­tion
me: hath it been proved from yesterday
force.god: everything in the world is copied from me then
me: thus thou shalt not speaketh unto me such words
though shalt respect and giveth blojob to your subjects
force.god: You speak big and old words I don't un­der­stand
I am a con­tem­por­ary God
me: I shalt refrain from using con­tem­por­ary words o great creator
I shalt sticketh to the old
force.god: As you wish, kid
But you do not seem com­fort­able with the old tongue
me: thou shalt not forceth thee subjects to speak in words of the new kind
force.god: Have you done what was asked of you?
me: shalt not thou be repeating thy state­ments again
o creator repeat
what thou hath saith
force.god: Thats
not a good excuse child
Do my work or I shall unleash terrible wrath
and turn thee into a toad
and squash you on a road
me: I shalt not believe in god
for god once was in me
then it came unto my friends
and now hath become the populace
god is dead
force.god: No. That was Chilli Chicken that you mistook for good, foolchild
Do my work, or get prepared to face the wrath of me
It appears I have made a spelling error
me: thou art a false in­carn­a­tion of thy own dick and thou thinketh good only of thee. Thou shalt be punished or shalt be killed at once
force.god: Where I said "good", I meant God
Stupid Un­be­liev­ing child
You cannot kill me
Do try though, if that is thy wish
and I will eat you like Pomfret fish
Do not anger God, that is not a wise thing to do
me: I doth not believe in thou
force.god: It will turn your head green and your dick blue
me: I doth not kill you
I see that thou art dead already
force.god: Then who do you think you are talking to, my child
God does not live or die
Nor tell truth, or Lie
He only is
And says
me: thou wert a creation of the mind of my herd, the inferior people
force.god: Truth and Lie, Life and Death
me: but then the people became addicted to age of empires
and it killeth thee
force.god: are but for - as you say - your inferior herd
me: thou died with the rise of the empire
force.god: The Age of Empires is now past
You are silly my child
me: The inferior creed also is a past
force.god: But that's ok
me: thou shalt un­der­stand
force.god: You do not know much
so I forgive you
me: that the effect thouh hath unto the creed, has surpassed
force.god: Stupid child, God knows already, I do not need to un­der­stand
me: and thou hath died in the minds of the creed
thou are a ghost
force.god: I know child, and that breaks my heart
It is with the aim of re instating in the mind of your creed
The belief in a God and the need for a good deed,
that I have chosen to you spread my message in the world
in barter for which, I shall give you many a girl
me: I fucketh thee
I fucketh thy message for thou art dead
force.god: Ok my child. if that is your wish
You are a perverted mind with kinky desires
Your thoughts are false and dick on fires
me: thou being a stupid one
force.god: Now I am busy child go away
me: doth not un­der­stand the words of the herd you call thy subjects
force.god: I shall find a believer to do my work
And you shall face my wrath for your disbelief
me: thou shalt find fire and death of a ghost again
force.god: I bid you to fare well while you can
me: thou art dead
thou shalt un­der­stand it
force.god: Silly child, God knows, does not un­der­stand
me: thou shalt remain in your room
force.god: But you shall not com­pre­hend the depths of that
So please, go away
me: thou shalt not come out and speaketh as a god unto us, for god is dead
force.god: Ok first of all, I am not dixi [tongue]
me: i doth not care
force.god: Neither am I pps [tongue]
me: thou art dead if thou art god
force.god: Yes I know that...
me: thou art god
and thou art a ghost
force.god: and neither am I dead.
me: thou thinketh that thou art not dead
but in reality, thou art, in the minds of the creed
force.god: I wsa never alive to die my child
Yes my child
I am in the minds of your creed
That is what I have been trying to tell you, you dickhead
Your creed has been pushing me away
me: thou art not anymore in the minds thou fuckhead
thou art a ghost of thyself
force.god: Yes I know that too
which is why I had chosen you
to give people something to believe in
but you yourself do not believe
me: now I shalt ignore thee, thou art fart and thou art dead
force.god: so I shall go now and be gone forever
me: thou art dead
fuckth you I thee
doth thou know about the great ramanu­jan?
doth thou feel his ho­mo­sexu­al­ity is jus­ti­fied?
answer thee, otherwise I am forced not to believe for then thou wilt be con­sidered as a dickhead
force.god: Thy mind is twisted and truly consumed by lucifer
me: thou speaketh only in context
or I shall come and squeez ye
force.god: thou is in­flu­enced only by lucifer
and thou are his slave now
me: it should be thou ART his slave now o creator
thou canst even speaketh the old language
useless thou art
force.god: I have the liberty of choosing my own spellings
it is thy duty to un­der­stand what i speaketh
me: I shall kill thou
thou are a dickhead
force.god: thou can only try
me: now I leave
force.god: Run in face of danger
me: I shall not again pay attention to thee
force.god: that is a wise choice son of lucifer
me: for thee art dead
force.god: that is not unto thy wishes

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