Saturday, April 08, 2006


He removed the startch particle stuck inside his right molar cavity. He liked to smell the globulet of rotten white carbon. Similarly he liked the taste of fermented grapes, the fragrance he found in organo-chemical garbage, rides over the smelly creek, the cheapest alcohol and grass over hash.

He enjoyed when he saw the middle aged whore getting raped for money, so delightful were the riots, the pleads for mercy and the mercyless killings. Obviously, he adored Hitler and Robespierre. Filth was filled in his senses, no public or private expression was spared by him in his novel viewpoint of the world.

So twisted were his fantasies, preferences and hatred as well. Was it just with the abilities or disabilities of admiration or it pervaded all of his senses like an omni present, vorous and potent beast?


priyanka said...

It is actually filthy! How cud u come up with such a thing :-O Are you alrite? :D

Roger Waters said...

These are my innermost desires :P

Anonymous said...


- cortez