Friday, May 19, 2006

European weekend syndrome

The european weekend syndrom forces the patient in severe emotional trauma for one whole week. In this period it has been observed that the erratic mental state of the victim manifests into several international phone calls and a large imbalance of the world alcohol content in order to establish connections with the past.

The main victims of this strange disease are the people situated in western coastline and the western part of deccan plateu well known as the ghatis. This is believed to be because of their unparalleled corny behavior and their habit to remember exact details from their past.

The only working and non distructive solution that has been proposed for this problem is an addictive one. To remove the breakdown effects from the mind and the body and to prevent himself/herself from the restiveness, the patient chooses to meet his/her other ghati friends on an exotic european weekend. Though the friends are not so much of a friends in the past, eventually they get pretty close. This interaction though gives the patient infinitesimle peaks of joy and bliss, the week that follows results in a much dangerous trauma and the cycle continues.

I have been to europe twice adn somehow I miss not being the victim of this bittersweet epidemic even once.

(The technical terms used in this report were borrowed from a personal communication with Miss GR (without permission), I am thankful to her for that and I hope she doesn't mind)


highway star said...

I want to go to Europe!!

Roger Waters said...

You won't feel a thing, it's reserved for the ghat

Anonymous said...

@highway star: Yeah, pursha is right :)

@rogerwaters: you suffered from this disease last Euro trip :P


Roger Waters said...

well i didn't! and you did!

Anonymous said...

how are you?

Anonymous said...

why did you change name?
And it was you!! All friends I wanted to meet were already very good friends of mine. I suck at remembering details of places. And you longed more than me for the weekends!


Roger Waters said...

I am back from vienna, with supercool experiences

Anonymous said...

shweta you are half gujju.. :P.. me too agree with the european weekend syndrome- od

Roger Waters said...

@gireeja I am fine and late in response
@onkar can't wait to see you :P