Monday, May 29, 2006

One night at monaco

I wake up from a very uncomfortable effort to sleep on a bench at the station.

giggle giggle

(What is it exactly? am I looking like a joker, or a pig? I ain't that funny!! Let me try me suave british charms to impress the chicks)(Opens his laptop, starts playing obscure 60s music and starts writing something very fast, sometimes looking into oblivion to catch the missing words)


(WTF!!)(More urbane, more british, more charm, charm, charm)



What's your problem, don't you know how to behave in a public place? I can hear what you'r saying and I won't tolerate it for a second now.

(giggle vanishes)

I am sorry

No you are not!

Appearing as a mad stuffed monkey, I left the place. After all thankfully I wasn't the one they were laughing at or sadly I wasn't even under their consideration to be laughed at.

(All of this would had been true if I had a laptop then, in reality I read a book and killed my time)


Anonymous said...

the malady of melody
ever felt it?

Roger Waters said...

reveal the identity at once!

Anonymous said...

it will take me ages to realise that its marco polo whos blog I am reading.. -od

GrasshopperBoy said...

u killed time??? no wonder my beard is not growing!!! :P

Roger Waters said...

no, the book killed time, so its all fictional, its not REAL

Aditya Dixit said...

No not yet!!
much has to be avenged and answered for.
"I am maximus desmus....
.... and I will have my vengence in this life or the next" - Gladiator