Thursday, June 01, 2006

When I was a kid

I used to beat up small kids, they used to hate me, a lot. Just like this guy at the left. I just found him on orkut and look what has happened to the poor soul. I feel guilty.

He was one of the kinds who would defend truth and stand against all might to prove himself, though he was getting beaten up by 1,2 or sometimes a gang of fat huge kids.

He was weak and all so it was fun. He would never get batting in cricket, he would be the defender in football where everybody wanted to be on attack. He was bullied in every aspect of social life and I used to hate him especially. Though later after he cried, his mother and father used to give us severe returns, it was fun.

Now he's become this,

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priyanka said...

hehe.. so this the 'work' u re doing there!