Friday, September 08, 2006


When you are zero to five, all you feel about beatles is fear. Small children generally don't like orthropodas. Later, when your senses of audio capturing develope and you start assigning meanings to words you listen. Songs like yellow submarine, I am the walrus, octopus' garden, the old brown shoe are your favourites just because the names are funny and your sense of humour is limited to that.

Later in late teens and early twenties. It's the time when they hit you the most. It is when you want to tell her and your head is filled with things to say. Or she's leaving home,your next door neighbour or sister. Or you've got to get her into your life, or hold her hand or love her eight days a week. It's all there, out in the open. And you feel fine that you are finally a young man and not something like Elanor Rigby.

And then you are 25, and just as the beatles matured, you too pretend to do that, losing the innocence of the youthful mind, you dwell into complicated subjects for simply no reason. This is the time for post Sgt. Pepper's era.

And then you are 64, wondering if you'd get a birthday greeting, or a valentine, what you get is young Mccartney thinking about the same.

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Anonymous said...

I got no fundae..too mm bop fr me..