Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Center - Revisited

A few days ago, I was in central park, on a very sunny and beautiful day. Which is located in the central area of Manhattan, and it was amazing. But this has nothing to do with that. This is about me.

So, I walk into this bar, on a weekend, down in the suburbs, quie late in the night. It's almost closing time, the bartenders are chatting with the regular crowd. None of them has any intentions of drinking more. I go in, nobody pays attention. I barge to the bartender.

"Hey, did you know that I am amazing? and I am very intelligent", I say.

"Well, I didn't know sir, but now sure I do, I am so sorry for my behavior"

"Good enough, you know, I generally don't go places like these, I like smart people, ofcourse none of them is as smart as me, but still I can compromise, but with you people, it's really difficult to manage. I agree that it's a compromise living in this world, but atleast for me I am used to live with people with IQ just lower than mine, not very much lower than mine. I think you are not understanding what I am saying, maybe I am too complicated logically for you. You know it's my habit, since my brain works so efficiently, I think of every situation as a logical puzzle, with finite number of answers, and I then try to solve it."

"Yes sir! I am sure that what you are saying is perfect, but it is the small size of my brain which doesn't allow me to understand it. But I am so glad that such words of wisdom fell on my ear this day"

"Yeah yeah I know, but you know what, I don't want to be a benefactor for stupid people like you, it just wastes my intellect you know. Though I have oodles of it, I don't think you are worth a discussion with me. I can spend that time thinking about myself, and my brain power and try to solve my problems. You know, people like me, who are so amazing, if we people (who are so amazing) try to make our life beautiful, the whole world will be beautiful. I am sure you are not understanding this, but it's okay. It's about the brain, not your fault. Can I have one sour amarreto please?"

"For sure sir, I am so glad that you could talk to me today. I shall remember this moment for the rest of my life"



vishnoi said...

oh! thanks you your highness for spending some time on lesser mortals like us :P

Roger Waters said...


Anonymous said...

you sound a girl these days.
get out of feminity (not that it's bad, just that it doesn't suit you).

Karthik Shekhar said...

oh, you can play the woman sometimes allright! :P

Roger Waters said...

First of all, girls don't go to bar late at night alone. Atleat the ones I know, and don't you be anon when you make such allegations :P

Roger Waters said...

tell me about it :P

Rajeev said...

You actually said that??

Roger Waters said...

No. It's just a reflection