Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A cafe near a university

I was sitting at a cafe, and a guy is impressing a girl by telling her the Russell's paradox. Then he moved onto Godel's incompleteness theorem. The girl was completely awestruck. Then a french man came for some help with wireless net and we talked about the paradox and then life.

Also, when you wake up and go to work or whatever that you are meant to do. Do you feel that you are not meant to be there and all this is going on is wrong? For the last few days, I am feeling exactly the opposite about graduate school.


ps: I realized that I have issues with pens. Can't work with bad pens, simply can't.

Thus in livejournal language, the mood can be described as cheerful and the music, without doubt the beatles.


priyanka said...

Finally I hear that from you :) Good good. Hope to c u very soon

Roger Waters said...

I had just misplaced my passport and just found it as well. Anyways, met the prof yesterday. Was an amazing experience.

Rajeev said...

when coming back>>