Sunday, January 14, 2007

We killed a dog

And I feel terrible. But, in our defence it was his (its) mistake. It was oscillating on the road and it suddenly jumped in front of us and Salim couldn't help it. We hit it at around 40Km/hr and I feel terrible.

We probably killed it but I don't know. I hope we didn't.



Pranav said...

What a bitch you are!!
If you hit it at 40 kmph, hope that you killed it!

Pritam said...

pc has a point!

dasa once hit a dog at some 60 kmph, hence he was called dogkiller for a few days! but then, that dog didn't die, it just limped away into the darkness somewhere because it was night! and we were on bike!

Anonymous said...

Where were we going when he hit the dog? I remember us going for a treat or something. And Dasa was trying to race with me (he had recently acquired his bike) when he bumped into the dog-at-the-wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time.

-pee cee

Roger Waters said...

The dog disappeared after that and we never saw it again. It might have died as well :( Anyways we were going to BTC I think

Anonymous said...

hypocrite bastards! don't mind eating flesh after killing something, but have issues killing one themselves. or do they feel sad because it's meat gone to waste? :)

PS: irony intended, I care too hoots.
PS2: read Amrita's latest post.