Saturday, January 20, 2007

Reservation: For those who oppose

After a lot of discussions with wide variety of people, I have found something basic which differs between the stand of the constitution and the Youth for equiality and similar kinds are arguing ardently against reservation.

For those who oppose reservations, I have two points to think about. If you are convinced on those, the affirmation towards the philosophy of reservation according to me follows trivially. And if you are not convinced, catch me or Karthik somewhere on the coffee shack or CCD HN :-)

1. A suitable end for a democratic government is of equitable representation rather than of inequitable efficiency.

2. Reservations are meant for upliftment of socially (not economically) backwards because the scheduled cast community can no longer hope justice from the upper class.

Addendum: The above two points are highly concise and might lead to confusion upon a wrong interpretation of the words (eg. the exact meaning of Justice, upliftment, representation etc.)


Anonymous said...

I disagree where you say that SC community can no longer hope justice from Upper Class.

Secondly, it was acceptable till the reservation was limited to SC/ST class, now it is been extended to OBC (which god knows includes everyone). So technically it will hardly make any difference in terms of actual numbers however, as you point out, in principle it is not doing what it is supposed to be.

People are against politicians using reservation for their own benefit. In fact reservation and politics have been very closely linked. So the need to convince anyone is not important. In a country already lacking opportunities (that hold) you can't take away opportunity from somebody and hand it over to another. That is how a developed nation progresses, not an under-developed one.

Finally, as you know, I am not anti-reservation. I think it really won't make much difference to population at large.

Roger Waters said...

Since I don't know who you are, I can't say I know that you are not anti-reservation :)

Also, the people I wanted to address were the ones who had problems with reservations outright, which is almost all the upper class. (And you should agree with this)

Amrita said...

First of all, I am almost a convert now - a far cry from what I was 6 months ago :)

However, I still believe that reservation is not the best solution, but the least offensive option. There's got to be a better way of breaking into the 'resources - merit/success - resources' cycle. My consultant brain is trying hard to come up witha scalable model for the same :P

S. said...

After disagreeing with both points..

Sometimes, I think the more we (pro - reservation) talk about it the more we delude ourselves into believing that social representation is the only problem India has faced in her history, and social representation is the only problem she shall address in the future. First of all, a democracy is not a subterfuge for letting down a vast section of the society, with an iron fist. Reservation as it stands today (49 % you say, 70% say Tam politicos), is unequal opportunity for the general caste. I am forced to use this term because you have thrown at me SC, ST and now, OBC and MBC and what not. This social dis-proportioning will lead to a reverse reservation down the ages, and the vicious cycle will never end. A big step in an obvious direction might mislead you from small steps in the right direction. We need equal opportunity at the grass-root level - reservation is too little (for India), too late. It's just a way to hide the damage already done.

Question to be addressed is: why are particular segments of people not able to perform at par with other segments? Have they got opportunities to learn? Have they got resources? The tool of reservation is just a mirage - for e.g., how many "poor" even take basic education to sit for an exam where they are "promised" entry? While it is made to sound a great leveler, it finally benefits the clever, more knowledgeable of these segments, who have already used reservation, and continue to reap it's benefits.

My opinion is too personal for you to change! ;-)

Anonymous said...

ohhh just fuck off.....
bloody socialist... or whatever you wanna call yourself

Roger Waters said...

Dude or dudess, you don't even have a name :) Anyways, I don't see why this is a socialist view.