Saturday, February 10, 2007


Last time I had attempted chocolate was a disaster. But then, I found the old book. And besides me, I have dark chocolate in a square bowl and coffee chocolate in an oval bowl. But then again arose a situation regarding cooling. Whether to use the fridge or keep it outside.

A little chat with a friend revealed that cooling outside would be more correct. And since the details are essentially geeky, I shall refrain from troubling poor souls. But it essentially involved a discussion on domain formation in 3-D ising lattice under steep temperature gradients (fridge) and achievement of global minimum in case of moderate temperature gradients (room).

Summarizing, I have chocolate, and lots of it :)



Gireeja said...

congrats :) - I'm jealous.
hope you are doing well...

Roger Waters said...

I have chocolate. So yes, pretty well :)

Shweta said...

I want chocolate too! Send me some to b'bay!

S. said...

left to yourself you can be pretty fat ;)