Saturday, June 02, 2007


The 70s people will say that the era taught them rebel, freedom and expression and most imortantly weed. All they have to look into is the late 17 hundreds, and they will know of Mozart. He was wasted, prodigal and prodigious, vulgar, married a woman his father didn't wish him to and fought bitterly with his contemporary musicians. He died young at the age of 35 due to excessive drinking, he was burried in a public cemetary for his woman had no money to arrange a grand sepulture for him. And I think it will take me atleast a lifetime of understanding to praise him for his music.


Karthik Shekhar said...

True :)

P.S: You're the one who's busy dumass, and you're not even making out :P(In response to your earlier post)

Mandar Gadre said...

did you watch Amadeus ?

Roger Waters said...

It's the only DVD I have, I have watched it at least a million time :-)