Friday, June 01, 2007


After all those mistakes, lots of coffee and screaming Altos of the 9th symphony, it was time to theorize. After successfully publishing the AB argument and the Like-Dash-Like theory, it was time for the More game to be explained to the general public.

The More game was devised by AM and PD and later formalized by PD and VK (Yes! they are obsessed about formalization, so is KS but he is too busy makin' out and sleeping with his bum facing the ceiling and getting fatter of course!) The More game is actually more trivial than the AB argument (which was discussed some time ago) but we believe that it will find suitable real life analogies (we also mention that we haven't found one yet!) (The More game from now on will be abbreviated as MG for the sake of brevity :-P )

MG is defined as follows:

AM : I Give you 100 Rs.

PD : Thanks! (Accepts the money)

AM : Now give me 500 Rs.

PD : (Wondering) Here you go. (Gives the money) (Wonders what will happen now)

AM : That's it, the game's over!

PD : @#$^#$

This was initially how the MG was introduced to the world, the more formal version goes like this:

A : Here's 1 Rs.

B : Thanks

A : Now give me 5 Rs.

B : Here.

So, in short after looking at the initial description, the reader might have an impression that the MG is all about cheating, but we warn the reader that it's not! B may or may not know that he/she is at loss, the game essentially is a motif which explains B losing to A in the most simplistic manner. So it's a simplistic explaination of the world where though all people try to win, some times they lose. We claim that they are playing the MG somewhere hidden in their mind. The game is also closely related to the Sadist, Masochist problem, which goes as follows:

Masochist : (to the sadist) Hit me in the face!
Sadist : No!

(Btw, the novel Venus in furs is awesome and is related to this)

PD and VK.

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